Effectivenes with passion and ease

You have already achieved a lot and want to go further. But sometimes you have doubts or feel stuck. You may also have the impression that personal interests and needs are increasingly falling victim to your career.

In my 25 years of corporate experience at various hierarchical levels, I have experienced all the highs and lows of a management career myself. I have learned that goals are easier to achieve with composure and balance than with self-sacrifice.

As a coach, I support you in getting to the bottom of your true desires, exploring your personal needs and harmonizing them with your goals. In this way, you will develop new perspectives and receive impulses for more creative freedom.

In addition to my professional experience, I bring methodological skills from many years of work as a mentor and certified coach. 

I look forward to the dialog with you!

Focus Areas

Leading teams with ease

Leading a team means ensuring that the expected output is delivered. At the same time, you need to ensure that your employees identify with company goals, offer them suitable development opportunities and take care that they are satisfied. I would be happy to discuss with you how you can manage this balancing act.

Achieving goals with ease

You are aiming for the next level on your career path. Your professional qualifications are excellent and yet your development is stalling. Together we will identify possible causes and develop strategies for your personal advancement.

Master extraordinary challenges with ease

A high workload is part of everyday life for you as a manager. However, if you are faced with special demands, you may reach the limits of your resilience. In coaching, we develop strategies to help you master such situations

My approach

In my career as a manager at various levels, I have experienced numerous challenges and turning points. From taking on larger areas of responsibility, to politically tactical navigation in conflict situations, to shaping major changes within the company.

Depending on the issue you come to me with, I will accompany you as a coach or consultant. In the one case, I focus on the unconscious patterns of reaction and action that influence your decisions and your everyday life. In the other case, I make my experience from 25 years in a corporate career available to you.

This will give you new perspectives on several levels: personal and strategic-political. And thus develop the greatest possible effectiveness in your leadership role.

As someone who identifies with a more introverted and calm personality type, it is my special interest to support leaders who share these traits. Understanding the unique hurdles that come with this personality type in leadership—such as gaining visibility, managing energy in conflicts and high-demand social interactions, and leading assertively without compromising one’s natural inclination towards thoughtfulness—I am particularly equipped to guide you through these challenges. Together, we can develop strategies that not only overcome these hurdles but also capitalize on the inherent strengths of introversion, such as deep thinking, empathy, and careful planning, to enhance your effectiveness and satisfaction in your leadership role.

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About me

  • Degree in electrical engineering, PhD
  • 25 years experience in DAX listed company
  • more than 20 years of personnel responsibility
  • Various global management functions >100 employees
  • DBVC Associate Coach

As a technology enthusiast, I have found my professional home in a technology company. In view of this, I enjoy working with engineers and managers with technical background. I enjoy creating spaces for them that open up new perspectives for their personal development.


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