Leading teams with ease

Your role as a team leader is associated with many - sometimes contradictory - expectations. Management sets ambitious goals and expects outstanding work results. The people in your team want a motivating working environment in which they are happy to take responsibility for their own work.

You were probably not aware of some of this when you took on the new position. However, you are beginning to realize that many things are much more challenging than you thought. There may be some initial critical feedback that you can't quite explain. Perhaps most things are going well, but you would like more clarity in your role: What strengths are you already using? What are you less comfortable with? Which skills are worth developing further? How can you balance out possible weaknesses?

Working together

  • you identify requirements and expectations of your role
  • you become aware of how you appear to management and employees
  • we determine your development potential
  • you learn strategies for dealing with situations that are difficult for you
  • develop a balanced competence profile for your role as team leader



I would be happy to accompany you as a coach - over a shorter or longer period of time, depending on your concerns and initial situation. To get started, I usually recommend appointments every 14 days over a period of 3 months, after which regular sparring sessions at longer intervals are advisable. I will be happy to clarify with you what the right approach is for you in a non-binding consultation.