Achieve goals with ease

Career goals are often the guiding star that determines our professional journey. They give us direction and meaning. But have you ever asked yourself what really drives you to set these goals? Exploring these motives is more than just an interesting self-reflection. It can be the key to setting goals that are achievable with passion and satisfaction.

Only when the path to a career goal is in harmony with our personality and our values does it become not only less rocky, but also more fulfilling. It is then not just a career step, but a journey that gives expression to our true self. We often set ourselves goals based on external influences: Society's expectations, the family circle or the competitive culture at work. However, true satisfaction and success in our professional lives often result from goals that are deeply rooted in our own authentic, sometimes unconscious, motives and inclinations.

Therefore it is essential for every manager and every professional who wants to move forward to take a deep look inside themselves. It's not just about what goal is to be achieved, but why this goal is being pursued in the first place. Such awareness makes it possible to shape the career path in such a way that it not only leads to external success, but also to inner satisfaction.

Working together

  • we explore your unconscious motives. Together we will search for the underlying reasons behind your career goals to give you clarity and direction.

  • we analyze reasons for stagnation. If you feel stuck in your career, I will help you to identify the hidden barriers and develop strategies to overcome them.

  • we balancing values and goals. I support you in finding a healthy balance between your personal values, your personality and your career goals so that you can move forward with integrity and authenticity.


I would be happy to accompany you as a coach - over a shorter or longer period of time, depending on your concerns and initial situation. To get started, I usually recommend appointments every 14 days over a period of 3 months, after which regular sparring sessions at longer intervals are advisable. I will be happy to clarify with you in a non-binding discussion what the right approach is for you.